Noizy Az Fuck - Exulansis

Exulansis: n. the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it—whether through envy or pity or simple foreignness—which allows it to drift away from the rest of your life story, until the memory itself feels out of place, almost mythical, wandering restlessly in the fog, no longer even looking for a place to land.

Noizy Az Fuck returns to Legs Akimbo with another high quality EP, this time we get 6 tracks of seriously mind mangling Breakcore with a heavy D&B influence, the beat editing here is so hectic I can literally feel what little brain I have leaking out of my ears, that has to be the highest recommendation I can give!

1. Plot Twist
2. Can't Give Up
3. Fear
4. Innocence Lost
5. Burning Pictures
6. Everything Fades


Hexagon Trail - A Beginning (Descent)

Hexagon Trail

Dark realms of sound born in the dungeons of Castle Dracula, escaping through Norwegian forests and resting in the chipboard of a Sega Mega Drive.

Hexagon Trail is a one man act residing in Salford, England. The debut EP "A Beginning (Descent)" takes you on a journey of Dark Ambient and IDM, but has a strong influence of Black Metal creeping in the further you make it into the record.

1. Hexagon Trail
2. The Black Circle
3. Weekend Wizard
4. 10.8.1993

LEGS​-​NET 115​

Chaoticsadism - Hardcore Proton Donation
LEGS​-​NET 115​/​BC_043

An acidcore freakout from Sadistician and Captain Chaos.

Turn on.
Tune in.
Fuck off.

01] Captain Chaos - Anal Training (Flush out your rectum)
02] Sadistician - Asymmetric Unit Alignment (Vomit hardcore mix)
03] Captain Chaos - Hard Times In Oz (Adebesi goes to see the wizard)
04] Sadistician - Cysteine (Terrorific acidcore mix)
05] Captain Chaos - Love Dump (Just on my chest mix)

Co-released with Braincore Recordings

Tracks written for Acidophile @ The Unit [www.rigormortis.org.uk/venue.html] on 9th May 2015. Massive thanks to Lorraine for putting us up for our first joint live set & letting us tear the back doors clean off your rave!


Acid Enema​ - Misanthropic Visions

Legs Akimbo Records​ is proud to announce that Blackened Speedcore pioneer Acid Enema's new album "Misanthropic Visions" is now available!This is a one time only run of the album on the most necro of formats, the cassette. A rough and raw rehearsal session has been recorded for side 2, this is exclusive to the cassette version of the album 

Limited edition of 100 copies only

50 black cassettes
50 transparent red cassettes 

A1. Hymn for the Godless 
A2. Eviscerating God 
A3. To Live Means Nothing 
A4. Holocaust Remixed 
A5. Hurt Me 2015 
A6. Misanthropic Visions 
A7. Bro Hymn (Pennywise cover) 

B1. Rehearsal 11-06-15 (tracklist is included with the tape)

Blackened Speedcore for despondent souls



Horror Gob - Through the Tuthgum Tunnel
'Horror Gob ' is a musical mash up, using 2 Atari STE computers, midi sound modules, Akai samplers, distortion guitars, Brass, and sickly vocals.

After using the Atari STE to make music for over a decade, HG wanted to explore and experiment, pushing the 4MB power of the computer to it's limits.

One Atari acts as a sound module utilizing the YM Chip, (through Musicmon) whilst the other acts as the brain (linked via midi using Notator) sequencing Akai samplers and Sound modules. All audio is recorded onto Audacity where vocals, ST Speech, Cornets and Guitars are added.

Thus resulting in 'Through the Tuthgum Tunnel'-  an avant-garde chip tune/midi/metal/punk/electro crossover.

01. Onomatopoeia
02. Big Wig (ft Sanders Family)
03. Received Pronunciation (ft ST Speech)
04. Transubstantiation (ft Brother Andrew)
05. The Finishing Position
06. The Teatime Dance
07. The Sound Of 4mb (ft Yvonne Le Bonbon)
08. Snake Eyes And Lizard Lips
09. Rat Race Rodent
10. Passing

Co-released with the consistently excellent ENDE Records

Other musical projects;


Scrubber Fox/Sadistic Foxician - Core Tea Vicar?

Legs Akimbo Records presents its first Hard Trance 12" !!!!


Only kidding LAR is proud to welcome back both Scrubber Fox and Sadistic Foxician, this time they are sharing a 12" with Scrubber bringing his IDMish Breakcorey Drum & Bass styleee head fuckery to the A side and Sad Fox destroying the flip with their Hardcore influenced Breakcore ting, fucking killer stuff for sure. The LP will come wrapped up in a high quality glossy sleeve with suitably gimptastic foxy artwork from the excellent Mattia Travaglini​ Artworks

Split LP coming soon!

Scrubber Fox

A1. Heavy dyke splatter
A2. Horrific blumpkin
A3. Hash tag fuck off
A4. Severe case of aids

Sadistic Foxician

B1: Unpleasant surprise
B2: Cut your faces
B3: The answer is no (what choice do we have)
B4: Smug or psychotic?

Artwork by Mattia Travaglini Artworks [mattiadesigner@gmail.com]


The Newcastle upon tyne Speed Donk Experience
Speed Donk Bangers Volume. 1

NxUxTxSxDxE are here to help remedy all your woes!

More than just a free album, this epic release is closer to a full on commentary on the human experience, detailing the highs and lows life can bring as well as the giving examples of ways in which you can enrich your own: not doing great at a school? do you hate your job? are failing to get the girl? all of life's shitty situations can be avoided! just be prepared to stick a bangin fuckin donk on them!!

DISCLAIMER: This album will not help you in any way, in fact it is likely you will regret even downloading it. Neither The Newcastle upon tyne Speed Donk Experience nor Legs Akimbo Records are responsible for any misuse of this product or any donk related injury's received while experiencing the "music" it contains

1. God Save the Donk
2. A Donk's A Donk
3. We're All Gonna Donk
4. Donkfork
5. Banging Donk Wishmaster
6. Ready To Donk
7. Put A Speed Donk On It
8. I Will Always Love Donk
9. Head Shoulders Knees And Donk
10. Here I Donk Again
11. Donks Are Made For Banging
12. Mmmmm Donk
13. Donk Bar
14. We Love Donk
15. What Does The Donk Say
16. Party Donk
17. The Final Banging Donk


HateWire - Demonic.Live.Vomit

HateWire! Live! .....LiveWire!

Live Nekro Tekno vomit 

01.  Brutal swing...  
02.  The dirge may be over (but Hell still remains...)  
03.  Improvised mashup of tracks originally from Disco Cunt/Totschlag Records PART 1 (Unreleased)
04.  Hail Mary  
05.  Improvised mashup of tracks originally from Disco Cunt/Totschlag Records PART 2  (Unreleased)
06.  Rigormortis (HateWire version)  (Berlin Underground Productions, 2010)
07.  Narcotically-fuelled wanker removal  (Splatterkore Reck-Ords, 2009/Berlin Underground Productions, 2010)
08.  Every sort of filth  (Legs Akimbo Records, 2012)
09.  Improvised jamming about...!  (Unreleased)
10.  Unconsential sex (you made me bleed)  (Splatterkore Reck-Ords, 2009/Berlin Underground Productions, 2010)
11.  Pissing in your seething stigmata wounds (Splatterkore Reck-Ords, 2009)
12.  Priest-o-phile  (Legs Akimbo Records, 2012)
13.  Armee der toten (originally by Disco Cunt) (100% Negativ, 2014)

Recorded by M. Thomas at JT Soar Studios, Nottingham, UK


HateWire makes exclusive use of the crappest equipment available to bring you the poorest sound quality humanly possible

666 demonic hails from the UK for taking the time to download and listen to this shit!

More info on HateWire can be found in this little hell-hole of the internet:  https://www.facebook.com/HateWire666

You can suffer the misfortune of hearing new shit from HateWire as it happens by following us on fucking Soundcloud. If you feel the urge to follow us then please do! Feel free to comment [negatively] on our shit! We love that fucking bigtime!!!
Anyways, here is the link you've all been waiting for:  https://soundcloud.com/hatewire666

Both members of HateWire (yes, there are TWO of us!!!) have other projects, which you should probably check out...  Here they are in no particular order...


HateWire have turned up on many labels...  We can't list them all here, but here are some of them for you to go check out:
Braincore Recordings: http://braincore.co.uk/_wp/
Rigormortis Records: http://rigormortis.org.uk/
Splatterkore Reck-Ords:  http://splatterkore.blogspot.co.uk/

Demonic regards go out to Matthew Thomas and JT Soar Studios for letting us record there!  https://www.facebook.com/JTSoar

Finally, huge thanks to all and sundry for listening to us, hating us and generally despising our output!!! You know who you are and a sincere and heart-felt thanks goes out to all you cunts!


Gridbug - Intact Hypervessel

Gridbug is the hyperlink between ethereal atmospheric beauty and frantic hailstorms of obliterating kickdrum programming, reaching for the sublime through melodic haze and disjointed strobe flashing.

“Who are you? Who slips into my robot body and whispers to my ghost?”

1. Return To Stream
2. Near Video Strobe Death
3. Making Of Cyborg [Re-Texture]

Music by Gridbug

Mastering by HFK